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Healthcare with dignity.

Health + care.

A community cannot be truly healthy until all its members have resources for wellness, nutrition, medical care and medicine.

Be In Health Foundation will work with local providers and trusted physician partners to make healthcare available to everyone in the community.

Feature COVID

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This section can always be a home page resource linking to the latest in health news that Be In Health wants to highlight. Vaccines, testing, treatment, mitigation, etc. This section can be easily repurposed at any time for a new featured focus.

Click here for Free Vaccine Locations!

Feature ABOUT
Meet Our Board

Be in Health Foundation has been blessed with the leadership of an extraordinary board of directors and advisors, all with strong community health backgrounds.

Please take a moment to get to know our founding team.

Meet Our Partners

We could not execute on our mission without the partnership of several community health organizations -- all of whom join us in the belief that healthy children have a better chance at a strong future.

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